ooc: Note to All

Guys, I’ve seen everything with that jazzycatprincess or whatever. So let me just start off by saying that this is not directly targeted at her, but everybody out there.

Being a roleplayer of multiple fandoms and groups myself, I have to say, I have never seen any RP group getting bashed (? What’s the right word?) like this before. Never. Even in cross-RPs.

Roleplaying is supposed to be for fun. Gives people a chance to get to know how it feels as the canon character, and gives the challenge of keeping the character in character (lolwhut) as much as possible. Sure, there can be tweaks here and there for more comfortable roleplaying (and satisfying our yaoi fantasies), but like I said, it’s for fun

Not to burst anyone’s bubble or anything, but the characters being role-played are also not real. So when a character is criticised by another character during roleplay, don’t go around acting like that other character needs to be socked in the face greatly for an insult, please.

Take note that the people behind the characters are actually living, breathing, humans. If you send a message to them saying that their character, or them, is extremely mean or that you hate them for any reason whatsoever, I hope you understand that the roleplayer might actually be hurt due to that nasty message. Even if they reply simple, casual things like “Oh, really? I’m sorry. :(“, they might be hurting inside real badly. And this might not apply to our RP of this fandom here, but, if it’s really bad, it can really drive people into depression and suicide, really. I have met RPers like this.

My last point that is completely optional to read because it’s from my own feelings: Please, OCs and…other people not RPing (i can’t find the right word), don’t try to court/flirt with the canons. I-It’s just………… really weird.

So there you have it. The first ever super long post about my thoughts on RPing.

If you didn’t read it, well….meh.

If you did, I hope you understand, well, all of this.

If you don’t understand, then….okay.

If you don’t (want to) understand and you’re angry at the super long post, sure, leave by a message or something. Flame me all you want. Hack into all my accounts, delete everything, sure, but really, just remember all this shizz which took me half and hour to type. (no please don’t i want to continue making my confessions) I

f you don’t, then, well that’s just what you chose, and I’ll respect that. :/

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